Oceanets, one of the five EMFF funded projects that fight against marine litter

Imagine you relaxing on the beach: sunglasses are on, sunscreen has been applied and your skin is slowly caramelising under the sun. A blue sea in front of you. What could possibly ruin this picture? Unfortunately, the answer is often very simple: marine litter. No matter if it is discarded fishing and aquaculture gear, or lost plastic nets, it all endangers our oceans. Check the EMFF funded projects that work with fishermen to fight marine pollution from seabased sources.

Check the EMFF funded projects that fight marine pollution.

Project Description Participating countries & coordinator
BLUENET: Creating new life for discarded fishing and aquaculture gears to prevent marine litter generation
BLUENET´s motto is: „creating new life“ for abandoned, lost or discarded fishing and aquaculture gears to prevent marine litter generation. The project aims at reducing, by the end of 2020, the marine litter from sea-based sources and from the Bay of Biscay by 20-40 % and to turn them into fishing and aquaculture gears. Spain, Italy

AZTI Fundazioa

NetTag: Tagging fishing gears and enhancing on board best-practices to promote waste free fisheries
NetTag develops new technologies to track fishing gears (mostly nets) in case gears got lost. The technology counts with acoustic tags with fisher´s personal ID that allows localisation of the nets. An automatic robotic system will then help recovering them. Portugal, UK,  Spain
Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental
OCEANETS: Technological approaches for circular economy solutions in terms of prevention, recover, re-use and recycle of fishing gears to obtain added-value products in the textile industry
OceaNets does not only  focus on localisation and recuperation of the old gear, but goes a step further. The marine litter recovered from the Atlantic are mainly fishing nets. The project´s ambition is to turn them in a new product for the high quality textile industry Czech Republic, Spain

AIMPLAS-Plastics Technology Center

AQUA-LIT: Preventive Measures for Averting the Discarding of Litter in the Marine Environment from the Aquaculture Industry
AQUA-LIT develops a toolbox to prevent marine littering from aquaculture activities. The project aim is to ensure better monitoring and remove and recycle litter from the aquaculture facilities even before it reaches the sea. Belgium,France,Hungary, Portugal, Spain,
Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd.
marGnet: Mapping and recycling of marine litter and Ghost nets on the sea-floor
marGnet´s objective is remove and recycle marine litter from the sea-floor, which is the place where most of the litter eventually ends up. marGnet´s approach is to tackle the problem at all phases – starting from the scientific research to the development of new recycling solutions. Croatia, Italy

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Scienze Marine