The “Cooperativa de Armadores de Pesca del Puerto de Vigo” (Fishing Vessels’ Owners’ Cooperative of the Port of Vigo), ARVI, was formally established in 1964, in order to promote economic and social improvement of its partners. Today, ARVI is the most important vessel owner’s group in Spain and one of the most important of the European Union, cooperating with regional, national and European administrations to guide the present and the future of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Currently, there are more than 150 companies which make up the Cooperative of Ship owners, associating today a fleet of over 200 ships (fish freezing vessels and fresh fish fishing vessels), representing approximately the 40% of the Spanish deep-sea fleet with approximately 117,260 GT and about 8,778 crew members on board. Catches exceeded the 400,000 tonnes per year (fresh and frozen).

ARVI facilities are located in the Port of Vigo (Spain) and are centralized in a main independent building that includes an assembly hall, a conference hall, two meeting rooms, offices and classrooms with internet access. On the ground floor there is a washing plant (for reusable boxes). ARVI also has a warehouse, located in the auction hall of the Port, for fishing unloading and boxes storage.

There are nine Fishing Associations and two Producers´ Organisations located in the Port of Vigo whose establishment was encouraged by joining fisheries interests which allow for the existence of the Fishing Vessels’ Owners’ Cooperative in the aforementioned port.

The Vessels’ Owners´ Co-operative, the Fishing Associations and Producers´ Organisations within its scope, participates as a full member in the following national and European institutions: UNACOMAR, CEPESCA, CES, CEP, EUROPÊCHE, COGECA, EAPO, UE FISHING ADVISORY COMMITTEE.

Research work has increased since ten years ago and in fact, ARVI-INNOVAPESCA was created like a unit specialized in research, development and innovation. ARVI-INNOVAPESCA has collaborated, supported, encouraged or led more than 40 R&D and innovation. Main research fields are: Management and use of discards and byproducts, Fishing gears, Energy efficiency on board, Fisheries management, Preservation of catches on board, Waste management on board, Safety on board and Sociecomics & Fisheries.

In 2016 ARVI created CACT-ARVI, a Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. The aim of CACT-ARVI is to improve the fisheries sector activity through collaboration and co-operation with scientific researchers and experts in socioeconomics and policy.

Services offered by Co-op to member vessels include:

o Management of fishing licenses
o Information and publications service
o Accountancy and tax reports
o Management and administration of applications for aids
o Research, development and innovation
o Fresh fish landings
o Legal-labour advice
o Use of digital scales
o Use of reusable plastic boxes
o Ships´ clearance
o Bunkering and lubricant service
o Food and other supplies to the vessels
o Fisheries statistics, programs and planning
o Protection and indemnity insurance
o Joint service on prevention for ship-owners and shipping companies in the maritime and fishing industries
o Training activities


Puerto Pesquero
Edificio Ramiro Gordejuela
36202 Vigo