SINTEX Plc. was founded in 1992. One year later it launched the production of weft-knitting fabrics and created its own sewing room. In 1999 it was transformed to a public limited company. Since 2001 SINTEX has been certified according to EN ISO 9001, actually EN ISO 9001:2015. Based on the decision of owners SINTEX Plc. was merged with SPOLSIN in 2009. SINTEX Plc. became the succession company and took over all activities of SPOLSIN. SINTEX Plc. has an extensive experience and long tradition in research and development in the field of linear and surface textiles including spinning, weaving and knitting for manufacturing special textile materials based on high-performance fibres

SINTEX took part as coordinator or investigator in many national and international projects dealing with modified fibres, combined yarns and new types of multifunctional textiles. SINTEX has been worked for instance within: 6th and 7th Framework Programme EU (International), EUREKA (International), Programme of Ministry of Industry and Trade (national), Research Centre of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (national). Currently, new projects are in the company’s pipeline. R&D represents approximately 10 % of company’s activities.

Research and development activities are concentrated in Technical Department and comprise:
– Research and development of textile materials, structures and verification of textile processing technologies
– National as well as international cooperation in research and development
– Participation in research and development projects leading to the production of new and highly functional textiles
– Complex know-how of the textile industries

SINTEX is equipped with a sampling warper and loom enabling to manufacture small amounts of standard or special materials into various kinds of woven fabrics. The major part of SINTEX product portfolio is dedicated to sport knits and functional clothing with specific properties.

SINTEX also produce a broad range of protection textiles such as heat resistant, fireproof, antistatic, and antibacterial. It also produces ring-spun yarns mainly based on aramid and POP fibres. The standard production programme also comprises technical and filtration fabrics such as sleeve impulse filters, pocket filters, filters for drinking and non-drinking water, anode bags (covers) for galvanic baths or separators in alkaline batteries, wound candle filters etc.

SINTEX has an accredited laboratory that ensures a very broad range of physical, mechanical and chemical measurements and tests. Laboratories are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (physical-mechanical, electric, chemical and colouristic properties of all kinds of textile materials).


SINTEX, a.s.
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